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With a dedicated care team in our central office, as well as local care co-ordinators, we are able to offer a national service whilst maintaining local expertise and knowledge.  Supporting this is an out of hours service that runs 365 days of the year outside of office hours where your needs are supported by care team that know your needs and the support you need

We aim to provide our clients with

Quality Service

Partnership working

Innovative Service Solutions

Direct cost savings

Legislative compliance


Our objective is to provide our clients with the highest quality standard of social care personnel; to provide a flexible solution that meets specific staffing needs for individual clients and service users through dedication to Privacy; Dignity; Independence ; Choice; Respect and Fulfilment, Quality, Professionalism and Service. We will take time to listen and learn to ensure that we can provide the most efficient service for your own particular circumstances.

Our team


Within our team we have over 20 years social care experience.  We are committed to a quality service and this service starts with us.

We offer a professional personalised service that for service users and purchasers ensures a rapid response.

On-call Service

Stead Care Ltd provides an out of hour’s on-call service, which ensures that our clients have access to our service 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day. This service is also available of course, to our candidates for emergencies and allows them to have access to a responsible person for advice and consultation 24 hours a day. The Branch Office is open Mondays to Fridays from 09.00AM to 6.00 PM – after these hours telephone calls will automatically be transferred to our on-call service, so the service users and clients only need to ring one number.


Health and Safety

Basic Food Handling

Basic Life Support

First Aid at Work

Moving and Handling

Recommend a Friend


Tell your colleagues, friends and any students on placement at your workplace all about us:

  • Our flexible hours
  • Our fantastic training support
  • Our range of opportunities


If you recommend a friend to us, they need to complete a form at registration stating your name and that you recommended them.  Once they are registered and have completed 100 hours you will receive a £100 bonus!!

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